Propertystore is an Australian owned business that has a proven track record in the residential real property space and with more than 13 years experience with a focus on investment.

Propertystore over this time has provided its own customers as well as other industry professionals such as financial planners, financial advisers, finance brokers and real estate agents who are looking to get access to a source of independently , high quality, researched residential property for their investor customers so that they can be specifically matched to those customer’s needs and requirements. This can be achieved by having a single point of access through propertystore rather than having to go through multiple sources which can be very tedious and time consuming.

Every property that we list has had to meet our very specific criteria and when combined with our strict governance and listing process this then clears a path from a potential vendor agent bias. This in turn creates greater transparency for those industry professionals who want to serve their clients in the best possible way. All our research is independent and based on specific, measurable and specific criteria all designed to assess property as a successful investment vehicle.

Also working directly with builders/ developers and owners that are looking for an alternative marketing and sales channel to promote their projects rather than go through the more traditional routes.

Sales and project marketing  

Propertystore  Australia offers an integrated service for the  developer/owner whether it be a new property development or an existing one. Our services cover the entire development cycle from initial concepts and project feasibility through to the sales and marketing of the project.

Our involvement is simply to  assist with the positioning  or repositioning of a specific project and implementing the right marketing strategies so fulfilling the potential for the  developers/owners and buyers  desired objectives. Thus meeting all client expectations  and requirements and therefore maximising the success of the project

Product Development
We work with the developer/owner to define the exact concept which is the first step and probably the most important of any successful development project. Our aim is to identify the most unique and marketable product possible that meets all the key criteria such as environmental and sustainability, product mix and whilst keeping to strict budget guidelines and targets. This is undertaken through various stages. These are market research, architecture and design, marketing, project management and budgeting.

These services comprise:
  • project feasibility analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • financial feasibility 
  • product positioning 
  • competitive advantages
  • development concept/brand guidelines
  • end users requirements
  • architectural/design design review
  • project development scheduling 
  • consultant criteria and  selection e.g. architects, engineer, construction company
Marketing Management
Marketing and communication is paramount to any successful development . Our aim is to create the most visually and cost effective marketing strategies through the deployment of the right marketing media and planning methodology. Effective branding and marketing will enhance the perceived value of the property, and the overall positioning of the development in the marketplace.

With extensive experience in media relations management for residential real estate projects as well as other type of products and services. Our aim is to maximise the results which translates into sales through a carefully managed media strategy, creative design and communication strategy and implementation all within a specific budget. Giving our customers the best possible results possible and the highest value for their marketing dollars spent.

These services include:
  • marketing strategy
  • branding strategy 
  • marketing planning and budgeting 
  • marketing budgets
  • marketing implementation
  • target market analysis
  • internal and external signage
  • marketing collateral for online and offline
  • social media strategy and implementation
  • media relations planning and budgeting
  • media relations management
  • marketing material design and copywriting
  • press releases and management
Sales Management
With more than 20 years combined experience in marketing and residential sales our team comprises of sales personnel with extensive experience that work closely with the marketing team to develop and refine marketing campaigns to maximise the outcome for all the stakeholders.

More sales happy developers and happy buyers too.

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