Yes, we do all the legwork and research to find the most suitable property for your client. Our approach to sourcing property options for you is to find properties that suit your client’s needs.

Prior to property purchase, you can make recommendations from a number of options specifically researched for your client which is based on the details of their personalised property investment strategy.This way, we can customise your property options.

We access properties throughout Australia with reliable rental returns and potentially superior capital growth, selecting only those that meet our strict criteria, and are located in major Australian capital cities and major regional areas.

We only source properties at realistic market prices in emerging and growth areas. We access dependable and independent third party research from proven sources, including RESIDEX™, Australian Bureau of Statistics, BIS Shrapnel and the Real Estate Institute of Australia, to assist with the decision making process and dismiss any spin and marketing hype.

We know good returns are paramount so we have a very strict selection criterion to match your strategy that you put in place for your client. The number one priority is that the property that is selected has a strong potential for capital growth and with a solid rental income. We therefore look specifically for properties that perform.

Propertystore selected property is a property with that will give your client significant tax benefits, to help them maintain their cash-flow for their next purchase, located in a growth suburb with proven rental returns.

Leveraging propertystore’s expertise and resources means you don't have to spend hours researching growth areas hotspots and each individual property. As a property investor, you also need to avoid the pitfalls of emotional buying. We can show you a clear and thoroughly researched approach that leaves you confident.

We believe that investing in property in Australia is a smart and sure way for you to reach your financial goals. Over the last three decades (1980-2010), Australian house prices have recorded peak periods of extreme growth at an average annual rate of 8.4%. (Source: RP Property Data, Property Pulse)Australia's sound financial systems and growing property market have proven that property is a sound investment.

Over time, you need your investment to grow – as much as possible. And over time, buildings lose value, while land is the component that appreciates. Asked whether 10 years ago you'd buy an apartment in Manly or a house with land? The answer is clear & we want you to experience the best returns on investment possible.

We know you want to reach your goals, so choosing new properties makes sense. This is because new properties deliver greater tax benefits, will rent faster and at a higher dollar value, and will be lower maintenance & lower risk of unknown building issues.