Real Property Tokens is a specialist Proptech company which brings together experts in the areas of real property, technology, compliance , regulatory, legal and marketing services.

Real Property Tokens will help to change the global property ownership landscape forever through fractional ownership, which is the process of breaking up a whole property into individual affordable smaller pieces called 'digital tokens (RPTokens) So that when buy one of our RPTokens you are then registered as having a part share in a specific property and you will then receive all the benefits that you would traditionally expect when you own an investment property – such as ongoing rental income and also in any capital growth.

The foundation that underpins the whole process is the platform that has been developed by SolidBlock. This enables Real Property Tokens to be able to successfully deliver, manage, create and issue the secure RPTokens. Along with a myriad of other things that will benefit our customers. Such things as greater transparency, immutability and better accessibility along with a much faster process to transact and with much lower transactions fees too. The other huge benefit is that it offers you LIQUIDITY which is not the case now when you investment property.

SolidBlock brings great experience in technology and is a leading US - Israel based fintech company which transforms real estate into a financial product that can be traded. By using the SolidBlock platform, we are able to offer digital securities (RPTokens) that are backed by real property to our customers.

SolidBlock is most famous for tokenising the 1st commercial real property in the world in Aspen, Co, St. Regis Aspen Resort.

Aspen Digital Token distributed to investors, presenting purchasers with a unique opportunity to gain an indirect fragmented equity ownership stake in the St. Regis Aspen Resort, in Aspen, Colorado, an iconic trophy property.$18M Funds Raised Token Issued October 2018

Secure digital assets backed by bricks and mortar


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